Drive carefully – Gulf Driving License Update


Drive carefully – Gulf Driving License Update:- Hi, friends here we are sharing about an new updates from GCC. Few days back the Abu Dhabi Police Founded some private taxies used illegally. Here we are added a video about the news. Please check below.

A major, critical canal boat of a thing generally few will purchase, and a specialized accomplishment few have the assets or building may to coordinate or outperform. It’s the new Audi A8 – the cleverest Audi of all. Thus it ought to be, provided that you truly need to perceive what a producer is really equipped for designing, you take a gander at its lead. What’s more, the A8 is and dependably had been Audi’s, which is the reason the enhanced one checks out tech’ we haven’t seen previously, however in all likelihood will on future A6s and A4s.

Tech’ like ‘Road turned parking lot Pilot’, which conveys “restrictive dimension three self-sufficiency” by assuming total responsibility for the controlling, brakes and quickening agent on motorways and double carriageways. Or then again the new infotainment framework, which matches Audi’s ‘Virtual Cockpit’ instrument bunch with two touchscreens for a generally catch free focus comfort. Quite a bit of said tech’ can exist for the 48-volt, water-cooled electrical framework that in fact makes the A8 a ‘MHEV’, or ‘gentle half breed electric vehicle’. This all takes some clarifying, so progressively later.




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